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Who are we?

Since the exquisite towel was established in 1987, our business has been exclusively manufacturing and commercializing towel products

We have been providing our customers with the best quality products for over 20 years and in the process we have made customer and product quality a top priority.

We are the cornerstone of our organization’s investment in human resources, facilities, equipment, quality and management and think global for globalization.

With great enthusiasm, we strive to improve our internal organization and prosperity by expanding our design and development systems, weaving, dyeing, finishing and sewing and packaging in exquisite fashion.

Our best assets in exquisite are our customers and we are fully committed to our customers’ commitment, responsibility and usefulness

This is our choice; Making better towels


Our Mission

We have put our mission of exquisite globalization into the textile towels and in this way we have put the best quality, best design and customer service into our work.

Our strategy is a daily orientation towards

Flexibility and quick response to any kind of customer service

Suitable parts with increased quality

Quality control at every step of the production process

Creativity and design tailored to each client’s taste

To achieve these goals, we have a strong team of the best with us that drive a strong drive with the knowledge of the day and new ideas.

Our Task

Through our integrated performance, we sort such conditions in order to meet our customers’ needs:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Flexibility and quick responsiveness to small and big orders
  • Creativity and Up-to-date designs based on the last fashion industry trends

Customers could rely on our organization with the excellent management and be assure that their demand will be met well.

Research and Development (R & D)

In addition to have internal team, we have close cooperation with companies, organizations and scientific and academic centers in order to use of update designing methods and technological advancements.


We use of the modern weaving machines to weave the towels with the best fabrics, in which, weight, color and design are controlled by our team.


In used dyeing systems for towel fabrics or its yarn, we incorporate technical knowledge with advanced equipment to guarantee our towels quality using reactive dyes.


Weaving of towels with high quality in terms of softness, clearness, light resistance, washing resistance and high water absorption have prompted us to pay our most attention to this section.

Confectix and packing

In the final stage, there are cutting, sewing, tagging and final controlling stages.


Quality is not declarable, but is Deliverable

Our customers have significant contribution in our evolution and their recommendations demands is welcomed by our company.

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